Purposeful Workshops

We're humans helping humans.
This is a core principle that will propel businesses forward in the near future. I launched this venture with a singular goal: to open doors for people. These doors could lead to increased sales, new opportunities, or career advancements. Training others and observing both their marked improvements and significant commercial returns brings me immense personal satisfaction.

This page outlines various ways we can collaborate. We will tailor the learning experiences to fit your unique circumstances.

Cheering you on,

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A photo collage of Lisa Bragg speaking at workshops with an in person audience and virtually. Images of the book, Bragging Rights

Purposeful Ingredients

Each element of our workshops is carefully chosen and expertly blended to ensure that your team not only learns but transforms. The ingredients we mix into our training programs are tailored to foster growth, enhance skills, and catalyze success. Here’s how we deliver results that matter:


Results Focused

We go beyond simple content delivery; our workshops are engineered for profound, lasting change tailored to meet your specific ambitions.

For Only Your Team

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches. We offer bespoke workshops meticulously crafted for your team, your industry, and your unique challenges at precisely the right moment.


Engaging and Immersive

Whether we connect virtually or face-to-face, expect a dynamic environment where every participant is deeply engaged. Our sessions are designed to captivate and involve everyone, ensuring an interactive and enriching experience.

Practically Actionable

Our aim is clear: to equip you with practical steps and immediately usable skills. These aren’t just theoretical exercises; our training sessions are crafted to empower attendees to take action.