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Hey, I get it. Self-promotion is hard. I find it hard, my international research has shown people all over the world find it challenging too. The reality is, in today's fast-paced world, self-advocacy is the only way to get people to know, like and trust you.
Standing out and fitting in is at the foundation of Bragging Rights. The world had a way of putting people in a box, but that will not last much longer. We’re moving into a peer-to-peer and knowledge-based economy where being seen and heard matters. I’ve seen when being too humble has cost international deals and when bragging right has unlocked opportunities leading to untold fortunes.


You Can Standout, Fit in and Add in

Living with the name Bragg, I’ve had to master the art and science of self-promotion. It’s much more profound than any initial thoughts that this might be about me, me, me. I became curious about my last name as a teenager when I realized the word was polarizing. As a TV news reporter, I saw how people gained so much when they were willing to tell the world about their success, achievements and wisdom. Then, as an entrepreneur working with small to Fortune 100 companies, I saw the same in that ecosystem - being seen and heard matters. Clients started turning to me to coach, advise, and consult with their teams on how to talk about success and stand out while also fitting in. Sharing my discoveries, research and frameworks so other high-achievers can be seen and heard is one of my favourite things to do. I help people through keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, small group coaching, and events, in person or virtually.


Inspiration and Action

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