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Bragging Rights

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For everyone who has felt overlooked or undervalued, and for the leaders who want to help them shine

We’ve long been told, “Put your head down, do good work, and eventually someone will notice you.” But that limiting and diminishing advice doesn’t hold up in the noise and pace of these transformative times. The reality is, no one cares about your future the way you do. If you want to achieve remarkable results, it’s up to you to talk about your successes and accomplishments.

In Bragging Rights, acclaimed speaker and advisor Lisa Bragg shows you how to get comfortable with sharing your strengths. Drawing on proprietary research, consultations with high-performing leaders, and her own rich experiences as a journalist and entrepreneur, Bragg examines why so many people are afraid to speak up about their work, illuminates why bragging is a catalyst of positive change, and offers practical advice on embracing and applying the art of authentic self-promotion. With proven tools, techniques, and insights, Bragging Rights will help you understand and tell the world about your true superpowers, so you can access new opportunities and, along the way, elevate others.
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