Bragging Rights: Stand Out, Fit In and Add In, Workshop or Keynote

‘”Put your head down, do good work and eventually someone will notice,’ or ‘work hard in silence and let success make the noise,’ are both traditional career advice that nowadays falls short. But in these transformative times, old formulas and ideas like this don’t work anymore—if they ever did! The reality is that you’ve already been doing excellent work, and yet opportunities have probably slipped by you. Lisa Bragg brings her expertise to reshape how we perceive, talk about, and amplify success, both for ourselves and those we support.

You can't sell a secret

Key Insights:

Unraveling Barriers: Explore the intricate mix of external and internal forces that hinder professional growth.

Mindset Shift:
Transition from a competitive to a collaborative approach, enhancing team success without diminishing individual achievements.

Organizational Framework: Identify hidden barriers and opportunities within your organization, creating a more inclusive and supportive environment. Helping a relationship reset.

Visibility in Business: Grasp the adage 'You can’t sell a secret' and apply it to amplify your success.

Key Audience Takeaways:

⦾ Captivating Introductions: Master the skill of integrating storytelling into your introductions to immediately capture and maintain your audience's attention.

⦾ Stories as a Future Lens: Understand how to use stories not just to reflect on the past but as a powerful tool to illustrate and shape future aspirations and plans.

⦾ Crafting Your Story Bank: Delve into the art and science of developing a versatile story bank, preparing you with impactful narratives for key business moments.

Opportunities and Impact Through Narratives: Discover how strategic storytelling can open new doors, create a lasting impact, and provide a competitive edge in your field.

Enhancing Audience Engagement: Learn the effective use of models and visuals to enrich your stories, making them more relatable and memorable for your audience.