Bragging Rights: The Big Success Talk

'Be successful, but don’t talk about success.‘ In a world where talking about success is often viewed as taboo, invisibility becomes a barrier to well-being, promotions, sales, and productivity. This session, anchored in the insights from the 'Bragging Rights' book, challenges the outdated playbook of success and self-promotion.

This session, centered on self-advocacy, equips individuals at all organizational levels with the skills to enhance their professional brand and influence. It offers actionable strategies for transforming self-promotion into a key asset for both business and personal advancement. Executives will gain valuable insights, managers will acquire practical tools, and team members will learn effective tactics for immediate application.

You can't sell a secret

Key Insights:

Redefining Self-Promotion:
Discover why many view self-promotion as 'icky' and learn strategies to transform it into an empowering, purposeful practice.
The Power of Purposeful Bragging: Understand the true meaning of bragging and self-promotion, and how embracing them can lead to significant professional wins.
Beyond Positional Influence: Explore why relying solely on positional power is unsustainable and learn effective alternatives.
Strengths and Achievements: Learn to recognize and confidently communicate your unique skills and successes.
Strategic Self-Promotion: Develop actionable strategies for effectively sharing your achievements, fostering a culture of recognition.
Global Research Insights: Learn from international research conducted for 'Bragging Rights', revealing the high cost of missed opportunities due to lack of self-promotion, including stories of significant financial losses.

Session Benefits + Outcomes

Embracing Success Narratives: Participants will learn to normalize discussions about success, benefiting individual and organizational growth.
Mastery of Self-Advocacy: Gain tools for effective self-advocacy, a crucial element for professional advancement.
Business Growth and Relationships: Learn how using one’s voice effectively can result in more business and stronger relationships.
Elevating Others: Understand how sharing achievements can uplift and inspire peers.